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This generation Citroën Dispatch has an architecture optimised to be even more convenient, comfortable and safe. It incorporates the latest generations of driving aid technologies and engines, providing Unlimited Possibilities for you and your business. Available in 3 lengths, it comes with:

• Optional hands-free sliding side doors

• Up to 1400 kg payload

• Up to 6.6 m3 of useful volume

• Up to 4 m useful length

• 1.25 m width between wheel arches

​The efficient architecture of Citroën Dispatch is designed to adapt to all your needs, and is functional, practical and ergonomic. Its specifically reinforced new generation modular platform is based on C4 SpaceTourer and SpaceTourer. 

It can carry up to 1400 kg in payload, 6.6 m3 in volume, with 4 m working length, and can pull up to 2.5 tonnes of trailer. Its modular design also has two wheel-base values (2.92 m and 3.27 m) and two rear overhangs (0.80 m and 1.15 m) combined for 3 different lengths.

Citroën Dispatch is available in 3 lengths. In addition to two lengths M (4.95 m) and XL (5.30 m), this van is also available in a new 4.60 m version, both compact and practical.

As with the other two lengths, M and XL, the XS can also carry a payload of up to 1400 kg. 

For all situations! Thanks to its height limited to 1.90 m on all XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), Citroën Dispatch can easily enter all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles of this type. 
It is no longer necessary to double park and risk fines, you can now reach the underground spot provided by your client as well as all shopping centre parking lots.

The front seats of Citroën Dispatch have been ergonomically designed: the high driving position makes you feel like you dominate the road. The driving posture is even more comfortable as the seats are adjustable for height and legroom.

A step gives easy access to the cabin. The glazed comfort partition* guarantees the passengers optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and offers greater comfort for the driver. All of these features make a big difference on frequent journeys.

* According to version

There's no longer the need to choose between passenger and load space: Crew Cab* versions can accommodate up to 6 people while offering a loading space of up to 4 m3. The space under the passenger bench allows the transportation of long objects up to 2.40 m. 

With the Enterprise and Enterprise plus crew van*, passengers in the 2nd row enjoy great comfort and a large storage space of 73 litres under the seats.

* Available on M and XL lengths.

Like the van, this version of Citroën Dispatch, dedicated to transporting people, demonstrates the Citroën design ethos. This is evident in the distinctive radiator grille and Marque signature; from the chevrons to the cool design of the lights.

The front has an imposing, confident presence. It incorporates black air intake grilles that contrast and accentuate the rugged style of the Dispatch Combi.

Robust and functional, Citroën Dispatch Combi offers a variety of seating configurations. All rear seats* can be removed to give 4.50 m3 of load volume in the XS version and up to 6 m3 in the XL. To facilitate access to the 3rd row, 2nd row seats can be folded with a simple action, freeing up access.

* Optional

Citroën Dispatch also means relaxed, easy and safe driving. As well as the useful every day functions such as keyless entry and start, ignition and sliding side doors, Citroën Dispatch also offers technology to facilitate your journeys


Dispatch actively switches from main beam to dipped beam according to traffic, when oncoming cars are detected. The system is active at night from speeds above 15 mph and switches off below 9mph.


A real innovation, this system works using the camera at the top of the windscreen. At all times, it provides the driver with information on the current speed limit. When a speed limit sign is detected, you can accept the recommended speed with the press of a button.


A real innovation, this system works using the camera at the top of the windscreen. At all times, it provides the driver with information on the current speed limit. When a speed limit sign is detected, you can accept the recommended speed with the press of a button.


It warns the driver when the car crosses a line without the indicator being activated.
The system detects unintentional crossing of a marked line on the ground (continuous or dotted) and alerts the driver with audible and visual alerts.


This feature allows you to keep your eyes on the road while, in your field of view, on a transparent screen, essential driving information is displayed (current and recommended speed, cruise control / speed limiter level, navigation instructions and collision risk alerts).

Unprecedented specification for a vehicle in this segment!


The adaptive speed limiterallows you to adjust the vehicle's speed to the speed of the vehicle in front. The automatic control system is able to reduce the speed by 20 km / h, using the accelerator alone.


This aims to reduce bodily injury by braking instead of the driver thanks to the multifunction camera at the top of the windscreen, in the following situations:

Between 0-30 km / h, it avoids collision with mobile or fixed obstacles or pedestrians.

Above 30 km / h, it reduces speed before impact.


The Blind-spot monitoring system tells you when there is a vehicle in blind spots via an orange diode positioned in the corner of the rear-view mirror. Composed of four sensors in the front and rear bumpers, this system is active between 12 and 140 km / h.

Citroën Dispatch offers engines from 95 to 180 hp, all equipped with BlueHDi technology. This new generation of Euro 6 BlueHDi diesel engines offers "Best in Class" levels of consumption and CO2 emissions in the segment (BlueHDi 115 S & S BVM6: 5.1 l / 100 km and 133 g of CO2 / km.) and minimised running costs.

To find out more about the Citroën Dispatch and book your test drive with us at Worthing Motors Ltd in Worthing, West Sussex, please fill out the available online enquiry form or call us at the phone number provided.

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